Experience scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, wind surfing, rafting, water scooter and many more water sports activities at our Puri- Konark Marine drive camp, Near: Lotus Resort

Sabir Bux was born in 10th July,1966 in Rourkela ,Sundargarh district of Orissa state of India. He is a versatile person, a Singer ,Painter, Horse Rider , Mimicker , a Wind Surfer, Video Editor, Photographer, Lyrist ,Editor, Composer and Expert Marketing Man.Sabir started his career as compeer with musical ensemble of Subash Dash,he nursed a dream to be fight master in Movie Theater,but fate had something else stored for him. He came to Saudi Arabia in 1992 with mechanical diploma and worked as sales executive for Shad Mohammed Al Zahrani of Alashariq Modern Adhesive Product Company in Jeddah.It was on beach outing in 1995 that he chanced upon diving, when Moses, a Sri Lankan Diver took him out for Scuba Diving in the Red Sea.He decided to learn Scuba Diving. Jun Viray a Pilipino taught him Scuba diving .

Sabir took a week to be familiar with water and became proficient in putting off his gas cylinder along with removing his mask and regulator at 60 feet dept .After open water course, Sabir took ?Advance Open Water? course which is meant for diving at night. It took a period of three months to get license. The beauty of world under sea water silent zone fascinated him. Colorful corals and atypical aquatic flora and fauna of different hues, shapes and sizes beguiled him to undertake diving ventures.


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